Attention: This must be done Prior to the installation of the AMPS software


                                       The LPT port must be setup. After the printer is installed by the XP system,

                                   go to the printer properties, click on the “Advanced” tab, then New Driver,

                                   follow the wizard, when you get to the printer selection screen,

                                   scroll down to Okidata (not oki) on the left side, after clicking on the Okidata,

                                   scroll down the right side to Okidata ML 320 and click on that,

                                   then click next then finish. When you get back to the printer properties screen,

                                   click on apply to apply the changes, then ok to close the box.


                                                 CREATING AMPS SCREEN FOR WINDOW


                                           Full Screen

                                       To make the screen full size right click on the AMPS icon, click on properties,

                                   go to layout, go to “Display Screen” click on full screen,

                                   then “Buffer” change sizing to 80x25. Then click on ok to accept the changes.



                                           Windows Screen

                             For Large Windows screen go to “Font” and select 10x18

                        For Medium Windows screen go to “Font” and select 8x12


                                * Note to go from Windows to full screen, hold down the “ALT” key

                          and  hit “Enter”