Finance & Insurance

Anybody can make an F&I package that calculates payments and prints forms. The difference is in the special features, such as:

  • Unlimited Repair Orders
  • Gross Profit showed at Deal Screen
  • Multiple Working Deals
  • Multiple-bureau capability
  • Custom Reports available
  • ZIP Code explosion of city, state and county
  • Auto-Load Forms Printing
  • Built-in Customer Follow-Up
  • In-line Condition and Discount functions definable by bank
  • Access Kelley Blue Book® from the Deal Screen
  • Built-in calculator, E-Mail, Address Book and Calendar
  • Archive Sales records, and still access each deal
  • Store bureaus to permanent file
AMPS has created an F&I package that is not only loaded with features, but also incredibly easy to use. All functions of the software, such as Forms printing, Reports, Credit Bureaus, Inventory and Recap, are handled from one main screen. There is no flipping through endless menus trying to find the function you want everything is accessible from one screen. Built-in setup and maintenance functions make maintaining your system a snap.

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