Download Instructions

1) You must know the drive letter destination where AMPS is located.
If you know this, skip to STEP 7
2) To find your AMPS location, go to the AMPS Main Menu.
3) Select Maintenance and press ENTER.
4) Select DOS Prompt and press ENTER.
5) At the bottom of the DOS Prompt screen you should see a prompt like C:\AMPS or F:\AMPS\GUEST2. Make note of the letter BEFORE the colon (:). This is the drive where AMPS is located.
6) Type EXIT and press ENTER to return to the AMPS Menu.
7) Select the program to download and click on the DISK icon next to it.
8) The File Download dialog box will appear. Click on the Save button.
9) The Save As dialog box will appear. Pull down the Save In menu at the top of the screen.
10) Find and select the drive that contains AMPS (steps 1-6 above).
11) Find the AMPS folder and double-click (left mouse button).
12) Click on the Save button. It should tell you that the file already exists. Select Yes to replace it.
13) The program will now download to your AMPS folder and you are done

If you are unable to download or have any problems or questions, you may call
our office for support.

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